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Knee socks have recently gained popularity in Central Asian countries and have started to show their effect rapidly all over the world. The socks which  classically preferred by women in the past, have emerged as trend socks today. Knee Socks which started to enter the category of fun socks, have become a trend today.

Knee Socks Fashion in DUBAI

Although the fashion for knee socks started to spread late in Dubai, it is more popular in the winter months. The fact that the fun model socks are in the form of knee socks increases the interest even more. The fact that the weather is the same in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other regions in the UAE ensures that the interest is equal in all regions.

Great Interest in Young People

Young people show more interest in Laptop Socks. The most trendy fashions in GCC countries and all over the world are spreading in a fast time. Young people follow fashion closely. So That’s why Toongtow in Dubai will always follow fashion to be closer to people.

Knee Socks Price

The price of this sock varies according to the density of the raw material used in the product so Toongtow acts on the principle of the most affordable price. Toongtow aims to fix the highest quality to the most suitable price policy at the prices it determines and you can check the price of the socks from our link.


The quality of this sock is the same as that of our other products and It is made of cotton and comes up to your knee. You can wash it in the washing machine and by hand according to the instructions. You can use it for winter. It doesn’t make your feet sweat. So it has a very beautiful view.

How can I buy?

You can buy our product through our website or from our sales stores. So After adding it to your cart on our website, if you are in one of the GCC countries, your cargo will be packed for delivery to UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. You can make the payment by bank transfer.

Most Demanded models

Many products on the website are requested by all our customers. Bucket hats, beanies and bags, especially in the fun socks and accessories section, are in great demand. You can take advantage of these products before our discounts run out.