Bamboo Socks

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Bamboo Socks

Bamboo Socks Recommendations

Bamboo socks, which have been popular especially among middle-aged people in recent years, are a type of socks that stand out with their soft texture comfortable wear. For this reason, Healthy socks which are preferred especially in hot weather, have super absorbent properties.

In this way, it keeps the feet dry all day long and does not sweat. Although real bamboo sock are a little difficult to distinguish from other socks, its color and texture give itself away.

Bamboo Sock have a matte appearance. Because its feathers easily. It can be distinguished from other socks with its soft structure. So why should we wear bamboo socks? Here, the importance of wearing healthy socks for foot health is in our article below.

It is one of the products that are frequently sought and preferred in GCC countries, especially in countries such as Qatar, UAE,  Oman,  Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of Bamboo Socks

It has air permeable property. This helps the feet breathe.

Made from natural bamboo trees, these socks are 100% organic.

The appearance texture of bamboo socks has a silky texture. It stands out with its softness.

Real bamboo sock do not cause allergies on the skin.

The nose parts are seamless, have a comfortable use.

There is a 2 layer knitting system in the toe and heel parts.

Thanks to its rubber structure, it does not squeeze your wrists, does not restrict movement.

It is often preferred in sunny weather as it keeps the feet dry.

This minimizes the risk of fungal infections and protects your health.

Both Healthy  Comfortable Bamboo Sock

Offering the most trendy socks models to your liking, Toongtow is here with different color and model options. We have compiled bamboo socks models that you can safely wear in all seasons summer and winter, in our article. Here are the socks models that protect foot health and provide comfort all day long.

Box of 6 Men’s Mixed Patterned Bamboo Socks

Bamboo sock box with mixed patterns is one of the most preferred models by men. These socks, which have a high heel feature, are usually combined with trousers and tracksuits because they are long. Therefore, mixed-patterned socks, which take the shape of the foot, provide freedom of movement with their elastic structure.

Box of 6 men’s mixed-patterned bamboo socks

For those who prefer plain colors in their combinations, we recommend white socks. Preferred by both men  women, white bamboo is produced in a standard size. For this reason, with its matte appearance and soft texture, it ensures that the feet are comfortable all day long. The wrist parts have a flexible structure. It can be combined with both light dark colored clothes.

6-pack black bamboo ankle socks

Bamboo Sock Boxs with mixed colors is one of the favorites of long socks lovers. These socks; which come in purple sax blue powder pink gray vibrant pink deep purple, extend above the ankle.

These socks, which contain a high percentage of cotton, do not form potholes by taking the shape of the foot. It can be worn comfortably, especially in autumn  winter. It is too light to be felt while standing. It is among the preferred models especially in hot countries such as Dubai.

For those who want to use vibrant colors in their combinations, we present the sock box consisting of 6 different products to your liking. Therefore, bamboo socks in black orange yellow pink blue navy blue provide freedom of movement with their flexible structure. These socks, which are resistant to tearing  wear, can be combined with pastel colored clothes.

6 Pack Men Bamboo Box

Specially offered for men, the bamboo box consists of dark colors such as black, navy blue, gray. That’s why these socks, which extend up to the ankle, are ideal for foot health with their non-sweating form. For this reason, it helps to keep the feet dry all day long as it supports air circulation.

You can buy the bamboo sock box, which is offered at affordable prices, for yourself or gift it to your loved ones.