Wearecurrentlyexperiencing severe delays with all domestic and international shipments. At this stage we cannot guarantee any USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Express packages will be delivered within the specified shipping windows. This is out of our control, so please bare with us and we’ll update you when things return to normal (whatever normal means these days). Thank you for your patience.


All orders are shipped out Monday through Friday via BANANAEXPRESS or other courier conmpany, excluding bank holidays andallmajorholidays.

We do also ship to GCC addresses; orders shipped to PO Boxes are sent via USPS only.

Please make sure to include any apartment, building, or suite number with your address if applicable. Any missing information from your address will effect delivery times and in some cases may cause your package to be returned to our office. In these cases, we will attempt to contact you for the correct address and additional shipping payment. If no response after 72 hours, your order will be refunded, minusyouroriginalshippingcharge.


  1. Most orders will ship within same days. If your order is placed after 1 am everyday, your order will be shipped out Nex day. However, please allow for up to 48 hours for order processing duringtheholidayseason.
  2. Delivery time is guaranteed as of the time of the first scan in by USPS, not the time of orderplacement.
  3. It is important that you include your email address during check-out if you would like to receive a tracking number to be able to keep an eye on your package while it is en route.


Free shipping on all domestic orders of AED200 or more.

Priority Mail = 2-3 businessdays


  1. Please, please be sure to include the state/province in addition to the city in your address form, even if it is not necessary for delivery in the country your socks are being delivered to; it will help exponentially with delivery time andaccuracy.
  2. International orders take between 1-2 weeks to arrive depending on any number of variables, including customs procedures or delayed flights when heading overseas. Delivery time will vary!


  1. Any international orders being shipped to a PO Box must include a phonenumber.
  2. It is important that you include your email address during check-out if you would like to receive a tracking number to be able to keep an eye on your package while it is en route.


International shipping is determined by the weight of yourorder.

International orders do not qualifyforfreeshipping.

All countries are different with customs and VAT, which is your government’s way of taxing you for goods purchased internationally. We recommend inquiring with your local post office for details on fees and additional time your package may take. All customs and VAT fees arethecustomer’sresponsibility.


Order confirmations emails are sent shortly after your order is placed. Shipping confirmation emails will be sent once a tracking number is available. These have been known to sneak into the spam folder of email inboxes in thepast.

Never fear! If you have received a message from with an order number on the website itself, your order has beenplaced.

We are also always more than happy to triple verify this order or shipping confirmation via our contact form; please include any information you may have, such as first and last name, date, or order number to assist us in locating your order efficiently.